Not Giving Up On Chasing “Good”

IMG_6477“A life with learning is a painful one, but a life without learning is death.”

- Nobody important said that, I just thought of that in the shower. If you decide to use that on any social media handles, tag me or if you think it’s that genius and want to get it tattooed, just pay me royalties.

No but seriously, our lives are fragile and delicate. Every step is just as important as the next for the simple reason that a footstep today can cause an earthquake tomorrow. With that being said, my life in recent months has been a difficult one and it’s had zero to do with radio but everything to do with life.

God took me out of a comfortable city where I could dodge the lessons of life because I knew where to hide (Mum & Pop’s house) and had people to hide under (You guessed it- Mum & Pop). With a degree and diploma from two of the most prestigious high schools and universities in the country, I’m not  afraid to admit that the real learning took place in the last few months. I’m learning the difference of being “book smart” versus “street smart”.

-but I’m still that kid who raises his hand in class because I have found other ways to solve the problem. Very annoying, I’ll say it for you.

NEWCARROLTONSHOOT19 (1 of 1)The overall gist I have gotten from recent months has just been to be aware of all of your surroundings. Understand what is happening around you, understand what’s going on with your money and assess the risks of those in your life. I couldn’t do anything but agree with that, in fact I wish I learned that a few years ago when I was a completely different person. Some people give off a completely different impression, one that I can not abide.

I get majority of my life class help from someone who has become like a big brother but shall remain nameless because I’m sure that’s what he would prefer. He is the teacher who is the best for the job and should be teaching everyone all the time. However, the substitute teachers should have read the lesson plans a little more themselves.

The annoying brilliance of being a young man in an old man’s ball game is that no matter how much ass you kick, a lot people still feel the need to try and pour into you. It’s cool if wisdom is being passed on from the wise but, it’s detrimental if wisdom is being passed from a fool.

The fools are essentially trying to get me to re-abandon my morals as a man, and essentially step into the “dark side” where the assholes live. No more holding doors, no more conversations with people, no more compliments, no more giving people the benefit of the doubt, no more being the good guy for women, no more honest business, no more praying, no more favors, and basically – No more Brian.

There is a difference between sternness and asshole- ness (which isn’t a word but so what). When the real teacher is leading the class, I get lessons on knowing the difference. Learning how to gracefully say “No” to people who try to use me for my talents. Learning how to decipher between those in my life for a season and those there to help me get through the seasons. Helping me to truly understand and figure out what I want/need in a relationship and how to gracefully ignore the rest of women who I don’t want. It’s essentially learning how to be a stern nice guy.


Not learning how to be rude to everyone, trying to get the upper hand over everyone. It’s not learning that everyone is ‘evil’ and out to get you, but just keeping you aware of people and how to classify them in your life. It’s learning that everyone doesn’t deserve the same title, some people truly are by your side. It’s learning the difference between a woman seeking love and a woman seeking the attention your career can provide, it’s not classifying all women as “Thots”. It’s learning the value of my services as well as my self-worth and how to ask (not demand) that when it’s time to do business.

With all of the dishonesty in today’s world, I could see how one could convert into an asshole but for some reason I’m not sold. Although I’ve had millions of people not say “thank you” after I held the door for them, I still will try to hold every door. Although being “unavailable” is more mysterious and attracts more attention from people, I will still strike up a conversation with any and everyone I meet and continue to be down to earth. It’s just my nature to want to speak. Although I have been stiffed out of a few dollars, I will still continue to do my business honestly as opposed to trying to get over on others. In that same breath, as opposed to being a slave to the hustle, I will continue to do what I love and surely the money will follow. Lastly, although I’ve had a few girls not appreciate me trying to be a good guy, I will continue to be a gentleman in hopes that a lady will come around, able to appreciate that.

Moral of the story:

I’ll leave you with this, our world is over populated in general but super over populated with assholes. We don’t need anymore and I promise you will never see me in that group of individuals no matter how ‘rough’ the world gets. Do as I am doing, learning how to be a stern nice guy. We’ll appreciate it later.



Columbus Short Opens Up About Drug Use & Why He Was Let Go From ‘Scandal’

Columbus_Short_at_WonderCon_22014 has been a rough year for Hollywood superstar, Columbus Short, after being caught up in several situations ultimately leading to his removal from ABC’s hit show,’Scandal’. Many of us who were riding with Columbus since the beginning of his career were wondering what was going on him. Turns out the Hollywood star was battling a bout of depression, a very serious issue within our culture. Short lost his good friend Lee Thompson Young last year and he had began relying on drugs and alcohol to get him through his depression. A decision that ultimately began tearing him down.

Via HuffPost:

Last April, ABC confirmed that Columbus Short would not return to “Scandal” for Season 4. He had been charged with misdemeanor spousal battery against his wife, Tuere Short, who filed for divorce soon after. Now, in a new interview with Access Hollywood, Short revealed that he had been abusing drugs — specifically cocaine — during that time.

“I had a lot on my plate, and you know, I was using unhealthy ways to kind of self-medicate and deal with a lot of heavy duty stuff in my life,” he said in the interview. “I was doing cocaine and drinking a lot.”

Short confirmed that his “Scandal” co-stars and showrunner Shonda Rhimes were aware of his activities. “If we’re going to be fully transparent, they protected me and they held me down. And that was one of the real reasons — they just wanted me to get my stuff together. Sometimes the bottom has to be dropped out for you to really get it.”

Since getting fired, Short has moved to Atlanta and has been working on an album, though he’s live tweeted the show — including the episode in which the Gladiators mourn his character’s death — and even held a season premiere party for its return in September. “I would love nothing more to go back to ‘Scandal,’” he said. “It’s my family.”

After the story broke of Columbus and his battles, he thanked his real fans for his support:


Columbus, we wish you the best in all your endeavors. Thank you for being honest with us and yourself about a huge issue in our culture. People deal with depression in several different ways, hopefully more people can find a way out of depression and into a life of peace and happiness.


The Revolution Will Be Televised

the-purge-masksRiding on Amtrak’s Empire Service en route to New York City, my mind is once again a drunken playground. It’s an eight-hour trip that I was for sure was going to be a good night’s rest that’s I why I took the train instead of flew but it has proven to be nothing but a sleepless and busy trip. My mind has been so clouded lately, my heart has gained weight over the weeks and my soul is trying to deal with it all.

My heart and mind are both trying to deal with the images that have taken over our media in recent weeks. Burning buildings, Swat officers, National Guard prepared for war against it’s own civilians, widowed wives at the hands of the law, and a community that is so hurt, it doesn’t even know how to cry. All eyes have been on racial matters and issues within our society, tension is at an all time high… For some.


All across our great nation, the land of the free and home of the brave, millions of protestors have sacrificed their bodies to protest the unexplainable rulings in the cases against a Ferguson (Missouri) Police Officer and a NYPD Officer. In case you have been living under a rock, under another rock, the justice system has been showing its ass lately with questionable judgment in police misconduct. The first case was against Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed an unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, after suspicion of criminal activity in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was shot 7+ times and reportedly reached for the weapon of Officer Wilson. The second case was against a NYPD Officer who choked and killed an unarmed man, Eric Garner, in Staten Island, New York after his suspicion of illegal selling of tobacco.

Both cases brought much outrage from the African American community after both victims were black and unarmed. The cases have drawn attention to a touchy subject but clear issue within our country; Racial prejudice. Mass media has been flooded with images of violence and hatred, showing protests and tense conversations from both sides, enough to scare anyone into thinking a dark tomorrow is on the horizon. Channel after channel, heated interviews and smoke filled videos flood our televisions, a trend that has only just begun. This time, the revolution will be televised.


Revolution; A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. The beginning of any revolution is the end, what exactly do the protestors want as the outcome? The beginning of the revolution is a brighter tomorrow, a change in the matrix, a brighter future with equality for all. I truly believe that deep down inside every protestor wants to see things better for their children and their children’s children and now that the entire world is watching, the revolution will be televised this time.

Many media outlets who generally defend the justice system have spoken out against the recent happenings. One of which is MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell pictured here.


You see, a revolution is on the horizon, we shall overcome. We shall overcome the stereotypes and stigmas that are associated with the pigment in our skin and will unite as brothers and sisters to truly become royalty. Our youth will grow into the leaders of this nation and work with the other leaders of this nation from other races becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Law Makers, Public Officials, Police Chiefs, CEOs and other leadership positions , we shall overcome. Our community will strengthen its voice and sharpen its focus to get our families off the streets of Chicago and into the classrooms. Our young men and women will put down our weapons and pick up the school books because the generation before us will no longer throw up their hands in disapproval, but will roll up their sleeves and edify our next generation. Our young ladies don’t want to take over the televisions anymore for your viewing pleasure to laugh at their drama, that is no longer their dream. Our young ladies want to educate themselves on the economy and society and give their best effort into our world. Our families will put down the hatchets and unify right in front of your eyes creating generations of royalty. Our young kids will no longer put themselves of places of misjudgment and compromising situations but will do “right” at all times just to kill the prejudice surrounding our skin pigment. The revolution will be televised this time and the world can watch a community become strong, a simple reminder that love will always prevail, hatred is of the wicked and they too shall be judged before a righteous God.


Don’t be alarmed; this revolution is not a call to power but a call to equality. The misunderstanding between races in our country is nearly inevitable simply based on the fact that the days since slavery and segregation are still young. I understand this and I am honestly a product of an integrated environment. With both of my parents deep into politics, I have been taught and raised to understand that although racism is alive, there are two sides to integration. Some of my best friends are white, and quite frankly if it wasn’t for several “white” men believing in me, I wouldn’t be here today. I assimilate into the “white” culture very well not because I’m an “Uncle Tom” but because I’m a grown man who lacks hatred in my heart. I have been mistreated in situations as a result of race but as a grown and mature individual, that doesn’t cause me any ounce of prejudice against any other race. My dream is not just an America of, by and for the people, but a world that is for the people. A place where my children can go to any block, neighborhood, or country and not be judged because of their skin pigment. The revolution is a place of hope and opportunity for all. The revolution is not meant to put down your communities or overthrow the government in a form of anarchy but it’s merely a cry out to the world, We matter too.


Why is our value in question? It’s simple. In 2007, NFL star Quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced to 20+ months in jail for dog fighting and animal cruelty, a sentence that shattered his career as his multi million dollar contract with the Atlanta Falcons was terminated and his image tarnished. While dogfighting is clearly an action worth punishment, the justice system saw it fit that those dogs lives were worth 20+ months in prison. Earlier this year, the aforementioned Michael Brown, was shot multiple times by a police officer who was “Afraid” of this unarmed teenager. Also mentioned previously, late this summer an unarmed Eric Garner was choked to death after surrendering to police. Now granted, both men were engaged in illegal activity prior to their demise (Alleged) but both men posed zero threat to those sworn to protect our community but were killed at the hands of the law. Both were the result of police misconduct and both officers involved were not punished for their actions. The police have protocol that their supposed to follow in all situations, a force that is designed to protect. Those protocols were not adhered to.

I was talking to a good friend of mine in regards to these situations and I have been very edgy about the topic because I’m more swayed to believe that it an issue of police misconduct more than an issue of race. My friend, agreeing partially with me, pointed out the goal and purpose of the police force. The police are designed to apprehend and it is the justice system’s job to punish. Some cases and states punish with the death penalty, jail time, community service and other slaps on the wrist. It is not the police’s job to kill someone unless they pose as a deadly threat. Two unarmed men, one surrendering, don’t sound too life threatening. Certainly don’t sound worth of death by chokehold or 10 shots. Both cases were clear examples of police misconduct, an injustice that should be punished by the justice system.


The revolution is designed to show you that if you want to punish one of our men for fighting animals, then you will punish others for taking the lives of others whether it’s at the hands of the law or not. The revolution will show you that you will do your job, you are not an army but a force designed to protect. It is not your job to decide who lives or dies unless they pose a deadly threat to not just you but the community. Even scarier is the thought that some of the most deadliest of criminals in recent years weren’t gunned down but taken into custody and given a trial. The suspect in the Aurora Movie Theater shooting, James Holmes, murdered a theater full of people and is still alive in a prison somewhere. It’s painful to think but was it because of race? Yes I will call you if I need you, if someone robs me (Knocks on wood) or breaks into my house but I do not expect you to shoot and kill the unarmed suspects, I expect you to apprehend them and let the courts deal with them. The revolution will help you understand that justice will be served. True justice.

Police Shooting Missouri Funeral

In the case surrounding Mike Brown, I understand that eye witnesses screwed up the case after giving false accounts of what happened on August 9 between Mike Brown and Darren Wilson. It is on record that Mike Brown allegedly reached for the weapon of police officer Darren Wilson after being shot multiple times. Wilson says that Mike Brown was relentless and kept charging at him forcing him to continue to shoot at him until ultimately taking his life. Eye witnesses say that Mike Brown’s hands were thrown up in surrender before being shot and killed. No matter what is the truth, it’s hard to believe that a sworn in and trained police officer had no other methods of controlling the situation with Mike Brown. If this is the admitted case (Which apparently it is, according to  how the grand jury and justice system felt) then it’s a case of police misconduct on account of the system training these police officers incorrectly. There should be other forms for police officers to take control without taking someone’s life out of fear.


In the case surrounding Eric Garner there is absolutely no excuse for what took place and I believe the officer knew that. Garner was not only unarmed but was recorded on video surrendering to police before being killed. Two bigger issues here; One is that the case was already ruled a homicide by the Medical Examiner and two, the NYPD prohibits the use of a chokehold by police officers in the line of duty. “Prohibits” is a word that usually points to some sort of punishment and responsibility if violated, none of which was taken care of. Daniel Pantaleo performed a prohibited police tactic and was not held accountable. This too is a form of police misconduct and should have been punished by law. Police officers killing instead of apprehending doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, as a matter of fact it’s safe to say that the judicial system is ok with that. Even sadder is that if you want to go by the “book” and stats, it seems as if it’s ok to kill unarmed black men.

These cases have brought the worst out of everyone. Social media has been flooded with all types of horrible racist comments from both sides and have really shown what disgusting lows people are capable of. It has exposed the elephant in the room that although racism is quiet, it is not dead. I take pride in how far we have come since my grandparents were my age but there is still work to be done. The cases surrounding Mike Brown and Eric Garner are not issues of race but issues of police misconduct and abuse of power. The silver lining is that the cases have exposed the racial inequality and prejudices that plague our country. Our country’s true colors are showing and it’s a lot deeper than Red, White and Blue.


My dream is to see a world without prejudice where everyone can have equal opportunity at not only success but also justice. My dream is a world that is not flooded with racist comments and hatred on social media but a world that promotes and supports each other. It sounds impossible but only a weak person gives power to the word “impossible”. I believe that one day my kids will be able to walk into a restaurant in the middle of cow country Texas without prejudgment. The possibility of that lies within our next generation. A change is going to come.

It is up to us, black and white, Spanish and Asian, Indian and African to do as my parents have done for me; Preach a life of integration and kill racism. The world changes at the hands of the generations behind us. Ideals, beliefs, and habits are passed on through generations, for example my father was a writer. It is up to us to get ourselves together and tell the ones behind us that it is ok to hold hands with someone who doesn’t look like you. If we continue to pass on ideals of hatred and racism, we will watch our world burn itself to the ground because we don’t understand each other.


The days are dark, the nights are darker and fear has covered the land of the free much like the sand storms in the Gobi Desert. However, fret not because a change is going to come. The darkest hour is just before dawn, we are on the horizon of an unheard of form of peace in our country. The world is watching, this is a chance for America to polish it’s stars and stripes and set the example that we don’t see color when we look at each other but we see character, strength, zeal and hope. Those burning buildings will stop burning; those riots will discontinue but only at the hands of justice. A brighter day is coming for us. Laws will be made to prevent these cases from happening again; our police will protect and find ways of saving lives without taking others. We will show the world that in the darkest of days, some of the brightest of moments are birthed in history. I do not fear for my child’s life or the well being of my family in the future because I believe in a brighter tomorrow for our world. My children will be able to live in a world that will see them as equal and be given an equal shot at success and justice. A change is on the horizon. We will show the world that color does not exist. The revolution will be televised.



Brian James


The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

Holiday_Thanksgiving_Turkey-Dinner-Picture-2012-HD-Wallpaper-1The world is waiting on us.

Very rarely do I have “Bad” dreams anymore for I have trained my mind to be at ease at night. Very rarely do I only dream at night either.

I spent Thanksgiving in a dream – like, the whole week. A reoccurring dream that happens every year around this time , One of the best dreams I have ever had. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m starting to believe my entire life has been a dream thus far.

Thanksgiving kicked off with a nearly missed flight, only to be followed by one of the roughest flights of my life from Buffalo to New York City. I didn’t care how much turbulence or alcohol was in my way, I knew what was on the other end of this trip andI  just wanted to get home.


A text from my mother that warmed my heart came thru as I cut my phone off of airplane mode at gate 17 of JFK, “Hi my baby!!!! Today is the day!! Can’t wait to see my baby. Hope you made it to JFK safely! Next stop DC! Love my baby.”I put my phone away and ate a slice of cheese-less pizza (Allergic) and patiently waited until my final flight to Dulles began boarding. A much easier flight, the only thing that made it difficult was the added anxiety of seeing my parents in a few hours and beginning the holiday season. Finally we landed at arguably the world’s coolest airport (I’ve only been to like 6), Dulles International, and I knew that my life was going to be amazing, at least for the next few days.

I surprised my mother at work and spent the day with her, chugging red bulls to try and stay awake just to talk to her. When it was quitting time for her, we went and picked up my twin, my little brother Justin and pulled into the driveway around the same time as my father. The band was back together and getting ready to hit the road together again.

Part of my family!
Part of my family!

We have always been a close knit bunch with my family being from the south where the only thing you can really count on is family. However , things had been shaken up recently because both myself and my brother have officially moved out of the house. I moved almost to a new country in Buffalo, NY and my brother started his first year of college at Frostburg State University. For us, “The Black Brady Bunch,” the last couple of months have been a tough pill to swallow. With that being said, Thanksgiving was much more than a holiday for us.

We woke up early the next day and piled into our big gold truck and began our journey back to our roots in North Carolina. Not going to lie, I slept the entire trip but at least I did offer to drive before falling asleep. Due to my horrible driving record and some mistakes I’m dealing with from my adolescent past; My parents never want to see me drive – Ever.

I woke up from my 4 hour nap in the middle of the damned country and I never felt so at home! My uncle’s house looked like the parking lot at FedEX field on Dallas day ,cars parked on acres of land!  Enough land and toys to spend days driving ATVs and Dirt bikes. Pure bliss. The air smelled like BBQ Pork and Apple Pie and I could hear the joy coming from inside of the house before I even unbuckled my seatbelt.

As we began walking into the house, cousins and relatives began pouring out of the house once they got word that the “city cousins” have arrived.

” How is Buffalo? Did you like the snow? That snow was crazy wasn’t it? Who is that light skinned girl? Why do you wear so much jewelry? You bought a car? How was the flight? Did you find a church? You miss your brother? You miss your parents?” Question after question, it was relentless. It was the best interrogation of my life simply because I knew I was with the ones who loved me the most.

I began to answer questions more once I got in the house and then the hugging wars began. Cheeks pinched (Not those cheeks), air tight hugs, and forehead kisses, all of that took place as the we stepped into a house that felt so warm.

The week was dominated by corny jokes, funny stories of prior generations and pictures too. We circled the table holding each other’s hands and hearts as my uncle said the most comforting grace ever; Long … but comforting. “Thank you father for our health, thank you for family and being able to put this food on the table. Thank you for safe travels,” my uncle prayed, “Thank you for peace of mind.” At this very defining moment with my mother’s hand in my left hand and my right arm around my father’s shoulder, I knew I had a lot to be thankful for. We passed the peas and the older members of the family passed on wisdom. We all have that one cousin who loves to put on a show and he definitely showed out thinking he was in the middle of a stand up comic bit and needless to say, I loved every minute of it.

My uncle has a huge amount of land, big enough to build his own theme park if he wanted to. No neighbors in sight just enough space to truly enjoy family.

“Y’all ready to go?” my Uncle said as he headed out the door. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on as everyone (And I mean everyone) started to grab their coats and head for the door. “The hay ride!” my cousins told me, apparently that’s where everyone was headed. It’s official, my uncle has put together a real life hayride just for the family! Stoked.

Thanksgiving was truly something to be thankful for.

We enjoyed the food, hayride, drinks and jokes before falling asleep. Little did we know, we actually needed every ounce of rest for what black friday had in store. We woke up late, (some of us hungover, probably just me) threw on some clothes and hopped in the van to go one hour south to Raleigh for one hell of a shopping experience!

Ok so here is the thing, it took a hour to get there and just about a hour to park as well. My uncle bought a church van, “Let’s park here. No, let’s park here,” everyone exclaimed with their parking suggestions but everyone failed to recognize that we are driving an irregular vehicle and can’t park in the regular parking space. Arguably one of the most confusing moments of my life but I loved every minute of it- because I was surrounded by those who loved me the most.


Finally we parked, shopped, ate and returned back to my Uncle’s house only to stay up and tell more jokes. My amazing and strong Father decided that he was going to try the “Shmoney Dance” and probably gave me the laugh of the night! The TV was on but we couldn’t tell you what was on it, we were so busy paying attention to each other. My phone kept going off, text after text, but it might as well had been on silent. I was where I wanted to be and not a single distraction in the world was worth removing me from this place. I  kept looking at my mother and she looked so happy. As a momma’s boy, it’s no greater feeling than to be able to look into your mother’s eyes and feel the warmth of true happiness. It was truly something special.

The sun rose, the date changed and a new day was among us, the day we didn’t look forward to. We woke up got dressed and headed to IHOP for a family breakfast before we had to hit the road to head back to DC. We said our goodbyes and within a hour or so, we were on the road back to the nation’s capital. We still had a few days left together before me and my brother went back to our respective places of residence. We made sure we made every minute count.

The Christmas tree went up that night. “This is the prettiest the tree has ever been, ” my mother said. As I went to hang up the last ornament, looking at her smile in the reflection, “I love you mom,” I said to her. My father began snapping photos and sending them to the rest of the family showing off our tree. I was dead tired after a long year, week and day but I was ok because I was surrounded by those who loved me the most.

The midnight hour struck and I had to catch a Red- Eye flight to Buffalo via Detroit. My family began to tell each other goodnight and I put my packed bags in front of the door ready to go in the morning. The minute the lights went out, so did I.

Morning came and before I knew it, I was on a yellow line train headed to Reagan International Airport. The whole trip I couldn’t help but think about the countless memories made this Thanksgiving. I really began to dive into the power of “family” and how a strong family can really resurrect life and happiness. Checking into my flight, going thru security, then waiting to board the plane I began people watching analyzing everyone that walked into the airport. I couldn’t help but wonder what a world would look like with strong families dominating it, creating generations of love, strength and knowledge.

To top it all off, God had me bump into a widowed lady from Detroit who recently lost her husband. I had a layover in Detroit, so clearly we were headed in the same direction. “You’re a Que? What school?” The ultimate ice breaker. “Salisbury,” I replied and the conversation took a path of it’s own from there.

She began to tell me about her beautiful 25 year marriage with her late husband and the beautiful family they built together. He was often encouraging her to achieve her dreams of working at a University and her encouraging him in his endeavors. She began telling me about her beautiful daughter who works in media like myself, and all of the encouraging words they used to keep her on the right path and achieving her dreams. She reaffirmed me that what I stand for, family life, is the way to a new world.

My mind was a  playground. Definitely one of the best flights ever, let me show you how real God is and how he will get his point across; She ended up being assigned to the seat next to me on the flight and continued to talk about family life and not taking things for granted. 1 hour and 20 minutes in the sky and we landed in Detroit where I had to let my new friend go.


Sitting here in the Detroit International Airport ( Metropolitan Wayne County), I discovered that I have just finished probably the worst Thanksgiving ever. It was the worst Thanksgiving ever because I wish the world looked like my family but it doesn’t. We have our differences, we argue and disagree but at the end of every day, love prevails.

Our lifestyles are dominated by petty arguments that break up families and wasted time that we can never get back. This was the worst Thanksgiving because this was the first time that the realization of a dying culture occurred to me. In a nation where nearly one third of children are being brought up in a single parent home and the same nation where nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce (Census Bureau 2013), it saddens me that most of you won’t be able to experience the same Thanksgiving I had.

But, the story is not finished yet.

Our world is in need of a change, a resuscitation of morality and responsibility and the salient way to infiltrate the system is through successful families. We are caught up in a viscous cycle of irresponsibility, the same cycle where we glorify divorce and abortion. The damage that this kind of thinking has caused will make the task difficult but a better world is surely worth stepping up to the plate.

The interesting thing about the worst Thanksgiving ever is that no matter how charged the scroll or how often I am reminded that the world may never get back to it’s glory day, I will forever remain hopeful that families everywhere can share the same feelings I feel when being with my family.

The key to a better tomorrow lies within the bloodlines of our families. Legacy is what can change the world.  Generations of greatness.

Talk about being thankful. My best friend and lil brudda @unclejus10 💉

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Darren Wilson’s Lawyer Used Old, Unconstitutional Law to Win Case

Police Shooting Missouri FuneralSurely, the talk of the week has  been the case against Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson, the one who pulled the trigger on a young unarmed black teen, Mike Brown. The verdict  in the case sent a nation in an uproar, actually sent the entire world in a frenzy as millions felt the injustice in the verdict ruling.

It is easily the most controversial case in the past few weeks, so many issues have been exposed thru this verdict whether it’s Police Brutality, Racial inequality , or drawing our attention to the holes in the law.

MSNBC Host Lawrence O’Donnell really dug into the case shining light on the real disgust of the verdict of the case pointing to the fact that the reason Darren Wilson got off was because his attorney and the District Attorney used an old, outdated law to get be innocent:

O’Donnell went on to talk about the witnesses and the process by which the  courts handled them:

It’s tough to fight the same law we trust. I wonder how this will play out, I mean not much can be done now that the verdict has already been reached but it would be interesting to see if the law has any rebuttals after so much scrutiny.


Nicki Minaj Outraged When Asked About Iggy Azalea

Iggy-Azalea-Nikki-Minah-X-rated-Vulgar-female-rappersSince her birth in the hip hop game, Iggy Azalea has been drawing attention to things other than music. One of those things is a possible rivalry growing between her and one of the biggest pop icons, Nicki Minaj. 

Minaj has sense denied the rumors of a “beef” between the two ladies only to be followed by a few subliminal messages that indicate, there may be something brewing there. Nicki’s response to a question about Iggy in a recent interview may elude to some sort of friction between the two artists: 

Page Six reports:

Nicki Minaj’s latest feud isn’t with another musician — it’s with a REPORTER.

Liz Hernandez of “Access Hollywood” lashed out at the pop STAR Monday, following Minaj’s “disrespectful” behavior at the American Music Awards.

“Never in the workplace has someone been so disrespectful to me as Nicki Minaj yesterday. I feel embarrassed to have supported her as a fan,” tweeted Hernandez, who covered the AMAs red CARPET.

A source tells Page Six Minaj was “very rude” to press on the RED CARPET at Sunday night’s AWARDS show.

We’re told Minaj, 31, got especially heated when reporters brought up her rumored foe, Iggy Azalea.

The “Anaconda” rapper and Azalea, 24, reportedly have beef stemming from Minaj’s BET Awards speech being seen as a dig against Azalea’s work.

A rep for “Access Hollywood” DECLINED to comment.

A rep for Minaj didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

To be truthful, I could understand how annoying it could be to be pestered about a nonexistent issue between someone and another artist, it may be nothing there but frustration from the same questions.



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